Chat with other self-taught devs 🚀

If you want to talk to fellow developers without degrees you can now join the Telegram group for $10/m. This keeps spammers away and the quality of discussion high!

There are over 200 friendly developers in the community all sharing their progress and helping each other out. Standard rules apply - no spamming, no hate speech and be nice to each other. We don't tolerate jerks.

The chat group is a great place to get help from other developers, get feedback on your portfolio or products and network with other programmers. You are free to share what you are working on and get useful advice to improve your coding skills.

Let's face it - learning to code can be a pretty isolating experience. We are staring at computers all day, trying to absorb lots of new material and make code do what we want it to do.

Having some company while you are doing that is definitely a good idea! Members of the community are always on board to help you with your problems. We have a lot of experience developers in the group. It's not just newbies talking to newbies. So there is always someone around to help you out when you get stuck.

Whenever you are learning anything it's helpful to be surrounded by others doing the same. The book Atomic Habits talks about this concept a lot. You really want to be in a group of likeminded people in order to meet and exceed your goals. That's where the No CS Degree community can help you.

It's like Stackoverflow if Stackoverflow was a nice place to ask questions. You won't face any elitism or criticism for asking what some might consider "dumb questions". There are developers of all levels in the group and everyone is a beginner at one stage in their web development career.

The group was on Slack before but has been moved over to Telegram as of May 2020.