Junior / Intermediate FS Software Engineer

You are invited to join the Metamindz founding partners and amazing tech team!

This opportunity is truly unique - you’re joining our core team, and there is a clear career progression - growing from a developer into a tech lead, and then CTO - overseeing projects & managing other developers.

We’re a growing tech agency, working with startups and other agencies across the UK, US, and Israel. Our goal is to create a pleasant, efficient, and straightforward experience for our clients - an agency run by tech leads, no non-technical people involved.
There are 3 core services we offer: Development & Design services, Technical staff outstaffing, and Consulting (CTO-as-a-service kind of thing, or an ad-hoc tech lead consultant).

In the agency's first 6 months, we’ve grown from 1 to 15 developers across various projects, industries and continents. Our goal this year is to double the projects & double the team. We believe that with you on-board and with our mentorship and support, this goal is going to become a reality!

Tech Stack

Our tech stack is usually NodeJS + React (often on NextJS) on web, and NodeJS + React Native for mobile.
Hosting is usually done on either Vercel, or GCP. We've had some projects that were on AWS, Azure, and Heroku.
We've got some clients that have React-Native apps, and others who run on Flutter - so you'd get to experience quite a wide range of frameworks.
Some of our clients have C# in the backend, and others have Java - though these are less common.

You are not expected to be proficient in all of these languages, this is just to show that the tech stack is quite diverse, and depends on the clients' requirements and existing codebases. However, we do mainly focus on Node + React and Next, so that would be the most relevant experience for the role. Most importantly, you need to be comfortable picking up new frameworks and languages as we go, even if at a basic level.


  • Participating (hands-on coding) and managing ~2-3 projects from a technical perspective - working on small features, assisting the current developers, reviewing their code, answering technical questions, etc.
  • Showing demos to clients on a weekly basis.
  • Explaining the work done in a way that non-technical people can understand and not feel intimidated. It has to be a fun, pleasant, friendly experience.
  • Consulting clients on the best way to achieve their business goals, while not overspending on technology, or over-engineering the solutions.
  • Working together to scope new projects, and draft proposals outlining the tech stack, architecture, and our approach. We'd do this together.


  • 2+ years of commercial experience with React (or React Native), NodeJS, Typescript, and end-to-end website development - a must
  • Experience with databases - SQL and NoSQL - a must
  • Experience with cloud providers - either one of these - AWS, GCP, Azure, Heroku - a must
  • Formal education or a degree are NOT required - self learners are welcome, as long as you have the required skills & experience mentioned above

Personal traits

  • Creativity & curiosity - you’re comfortable trying out new things & new approaches, you're happy to learn new things on the go
  • Resilience - you can deal with a “No” and with change requests coming from clients and management, even if it's related to a feature you're really proud of
  • Organisation - you need to be an organised person, with good multitasking & time management skills
  • Caring about the customers - they are our number one priority. Our DNA is being transparent, to-the-point, and kind.
  • Independent - we'd love to see you grow into a tech lead / CTO role in the future and as the time goes by, which means you need to have the power to build & document things, and be independent in your work when required
  • Excellent communication skills & friendly nature
  • Strong English - a must
  • You are comfortable with a straight to the point, no sugarcoating approach (yet can balance it with kindness and care)

Salary & Benefits

  • Base salary - £35k - £45k per annum (for full-time), depending on experience
  • Annual bonus based on performance
  • Weekly lunch & coffee supply - delivered to your home
  • Fully remote opportunity
  • 28 days annual leave
  • Clear career progression

You will, of course, get a company MacBook and the related subscriptions & accounts in order to work comfortably from home.

Interview process

  • An initial introduction & chat with one of the company founders (introduction, questions about your background and experience, very conversational) - up to 30 minutes. Please note, we are not going to ask any questions like "what's the most effective way to sort an array" . Only things that are actually relevant for the day-to-day job.
  • We will ask you to record a Loom / video with a screenshare of you walking us through a codebase you feel comfortable showing - it can be any codebase you feel confident in. This will also demonstrate how you can present your work, a crucial skill for the job. It can be any past or present project (professional, or pet project) - where you can explain the codebase, what it does, how it does it, demonstrate your thinking, things you're proud of, things you'd do differently, and explain why. We will provide you with a list of points to cover and questions to answer beforehand.
  • A final chat with both founders - asking questions about the video from the previous step, going through some additional technical questions (no algorithms or similar code challenges). We'll also ask some general & behaviour questions to see how you'd handle different situations that you're likely to encounter at work.

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time, Permanent, Temporary contract, Fixed term contract, Temp to perm
Contract length: 2-4 months
Part-time hours: 20-40 per week

Salary: £35,000.00-£45,000.00 per year


  • Flexitime
  • Health & wellbeing programme
  • Work from home


  • Flexitime
  • Monday to Friday
  • No weekends

Supplemental pay types:

  • Performance bonus


  • Commercial Software Development: 2 years (required)


  • English (required)

Work authorisation:

  • United Kingdom (required)

Work Location: Remote

Please mention No CS Degree when you apply and email pete@nocsdegree.com if you get an interview or get hired

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