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Developer career mentor - Caitlyn Greffly

Developer career mentor - Caitlyn Greffly

Caitlyn is based in Portland, Oregon and has been a Software Engineer for over 3 years. In that time she has worked for 3 different companies. She's a bootcamp-trained developer now working at the financial publishing company Motley Fool.


Her background in sales informs her strategies on networking and job seeking, and she takes a highly organized and optimistic approach to both.

She released a book in early 2022 called The Bootcamper's Companion aiming to help folks navigate a career change. She might be a great fit as your mentor if you're an aspiring developer working to understand the world of tech and land your first job.

Caitlyn can mentor you on:

  • Interview prep Resume / portfolio / cover letter creation & review
  • Job hunt organization
  • Community building / networking
  • Non-technical mock interviews & feedback

Experience: 3 years


Languages: English

Location: Portland, Oregon, USA

Availability: 1 hours per week per student

Price: $48/hr