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PHP & React mentor - Richard Blechinger

PHP & React mentor - Richard Blechinger

Richard is available as a PHP and React mentor. He can also help mentor people that want to become freelance developers.

He's a self-taught developer who was making six figures as a contractor at the age of 21.


Richard can help with:

• Freelancing ins and outs

(Finding your first clients, finding your niche, charging the right rate)

• Remote work 101

(Learning to work async, concise communication and the art of over-communication)

• General coding support

(help with understanding “why X doesn’t work” or “how to setup Y”, or help figuring out a specific problem)

• HTML email

• Performance optimizations

• General data wrangling (I do a lot of PHP-based data science/business intelligence these days)

• WordPress & building plugins/themes

• Using and abusing SQL for great benefit

Experience: 8 years

Location: Austria

Languages: English/German


Available: 5 hours per week total. 1 hour per week per student.

Price: $42/hr