What is No CS Degree?

No CS Degree is a collection of inspiring interviews with developers that are self-taught or have been to bootcamps. The common theme is they don't have a four year Computer Science degree.

I love Indiehackers which interviews entrepreneurs who don't take venture capital funding. I decided I could replicate this but instead explore how makers and programmers have been able to succeed in learning to code with no Computer Science degree.  So now I get to interview amazing coders which is a lot of fun!

The interviewees featured have a range of backgrounds and techniques to learning coding. Some have been to bootcamps, used online courses or just asked the internet for help. One thing they have in common is they don't have a CS degree and that hasn't held them back.

I think it is easy to procrastinate or give up when you are learning to code so I wanted to make this website to keep myself and other people going. Of course I think it is also interesting for people in tech with a CS degree to see how other people have taken different paths to be successful.

Who runs No CS Degree?

My name is Pete, I live in Edinburgh and I am a self-taught developer. I have often find myself looking for inspiration from coders who don't have a Computer Science degree such as people that have either taught themselves or have gone to bootcamps.

My email is pete@nocsdegree.com

You can say hey on Twitter. I blog about building No CS Degree, my No CS OK job board and Bootcamp Index on my personal blog.

Pete with a puppy

Can I advertise?

For companies wanting to advertise high quality, relevant products to coding learners, I have spots open in the newsletter. You can email me at pete@nocsdegree.com or buy an advert for one newsletter

Can I make a guest post?

I do not accept guest blog posts from companies (other than coding bootcamps and tech companies). Please do not waste your time by emailing me 😀

How can I support No CS Degree?

Obviously, sharing the articles with your friends on social media would be great! These are my Facebook and Twitter pages. When I first started the website I also created a page on Buy Me a Coffee.

How can I do an interview?

If you would like to be featured, please send an email with some information about yourself such as key achievements, how you learned, etc. Obviously the more interesting the better!

In terms of what "successful" means, you don't have to be a millionaire or anything like that. If you've obtained a software engineer job or just made a cool product, please get in touch. A reminder - you must code yourself (hiring someone doesn't count) and you must not have a CS degree, a minor in CS or any other equivalent.

In order to help fund this website I use affiliate links. This means that when you click on a course link, I get a finder's fee for bringing you there. This does not cost you the consumer any more! It just means the product provider gives me a percentage from their end. The courses mentioned are all ones that come up organically from answers that coders provide. Some interviews don't have any affiliate links and that is fine as well.

What is your policy on cookies?

For European users, my website is GDPR compliant as I use two independent analytics services, Simple Analytics and Fathom Analytics, which do not store cookies to track users.  My newsletter is also GDPR compliant and if you want to stop getting emails there is a painless, one-click unsubscribe option in every email I send out.