Imposter Syndrome Book - how 30 developers without CS degrees handle it and how you can too!

Imposter Syndrome Book - how 30 developers without CS degrees handle it and how you can too!

Finally! An ebook for dealing with imposter syndrome as a developer.

Over 30 developers share their insights on how they handle imposter syndrome at work. None of these developers have CS degrees! Yet, they are all thriving in their careers. Some work at top companies like Stripe or have even built their own 6 figure companies! All their advice is bundled into one convenient ebook so you can come back to it whenever you need it.

I overcome it by remembering how far I have come and reminding myself that whatever I don’t know is just a google search away. - Nader Dabit, Amazon Web Services

I deal with imposter syndrome by reminding myself that nobody knows everything. You might know nothing about infrastructure but you might be super good at React. Nobody can know it all. It’s impossible! -Randall Kanna, Senior Software Engineer at Base

"I don't know anyone that hasn't experienced imposter syndrome. That’s due to the nature of the industry being so vast that we can't possibly grasp it all. At whatever level we all know more than someone else. I just realized that we are all at different stages and learned to accept it and just keep improving myself." - Dennis Ivy, Youtuber with 45,000 followers

"At Makers they used to ask us “are you a better developer than you were yesterday?” I think that stopping for a moment and realising how further I had got to in the past year, month or week, gives me some confidence that I’ll get through whatever I’m facing today as well." - Deborah Piu, Software Engineer at Deloitte

Follow over 30 developers' guidance and tips to ensure you get the career you deserve. Click the link to buy the Imposter Syndrome book securely on Gumroad! A copy and receipt will be send to you straight away.

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