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Countries where Stripe is available in 2022

Countries where Stripe is available in 2022
Countries where Stripe is available

This article takes a look at what countries Stripe allows developers to set up accounts from. Stripe is the most valuable private company in the world and the 2nd biggest online payments processor after PayPal.

Can anyone open a Stripe account?

Of course you can use Stripe Atlas to set up an LLC in the US with an American bank account. But not every developer wants to do that. Also, of course customers from anywhere in the world can pay on a website that has a Stripe form. But we are concerned with whether an entrepreneur in certain countries can open a Stripe account.

If you don't want to use Stripe Atlas, you will have to be resident in the following countries:

Countries where you can use Stripe as a software developer

Hopefully Stripe will be available in more countries soon! In 2016 Stripe was available in 25 countries whereas in 2022 Stripe is available in 41 countries. So the company is definitely expanding it's reach.

Stripe is extremely popular in the developer community for a number of reasons.

First and foremost, the company is well trusted and software developers enjoy using the Stripe API and the docs are great. Stripe has made it so much easier for people to make a living online - before, entrepreneurs had to build their own payment software just to get money from clients. Imagine having to code that from scratch!

Stripe also hires self-taught Software Engineers like Letitia, who changed career from Oceanographer after learning Python.