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How Much Does a Software Engineer at Tesla Make?

Salaries at Tesla range from $130,000 to $441,000 according to levels.fyi.

How Much Does a Junior Software Engineer Get Paid at Tesla?

The average salary for an entry level Software Engineer at Tesla is about $130,000 including stock.

  • The base salary is $111,000
  • The stock is $19,000

How Much Does a Senior Software Engineer Get Paid at Tesla?

Senior Software Engineers make around $196,000 at Tesla.

  • The base salary is $145,000
  • The stock is $56,000
  • The bonus is $4,000

Source: levels.fyi

Does Tesla Pay Well?

Tesla does not pay as well as FAANG companies such as Google or Facebook (now Meta). However, due to the company's mission to reduce climate change by promoting the use of electric cars and the charismatic CEO Elon Musk, Tesla often ranks as the company that software engineers most want to work for. Also, many are attracted by the steep growth in the Tesla stock price.

Does Every Tesla Employee Get Stock?

Yes, a huge benefit to working for Tesla is the fact that every employee gets stock, unlike other companies where this is a benefit only for high-ranking staff. Tesla stock has risen from $3 a share in 2010 to a high of $900 a share in January 2022.

Tesla stock price

Can You Get a Job at Tesla Without a Degree?

You don't need a degree to be a Software Engineer at Tesla. CEO Elon Musk has spoken on Twitter before about why he does not care if you have a degree. So yes, the good news is if you are self-taught or went to a coding bootcamp you can get a job at Tesla.

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What type of engineers does Tesla hire?

Tesla typically hires Software Engineers who use the following languages:

  • C
  • C++
  • JavaScript (in particular React)
  • Java
  • Python

What is the salary of a Software Engineer in SpaceX?

Salaries range from $169,000 for an entry level Software Engineer at SpaceX to $329,000 for Senior Software Engineers according to levels.fyi.

Where do Tesla employees live?

Tesla employees people all over the world. In December 2021 Elon Musk moved the Tesla headquarters from Freemont, California to Austin, Texas.

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