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Learning Node allows you to write JavaScript on the backend and lets you become a Full Stack Developer. Or you could even specialise and become a Backend Developer. A huge benefit to Node is it's just JavaScript at the end of the day so rather than having to learn new syntax with a different backend language like Python, you already know how to write your code.

Why take this course?

Wesbos is one of the biggest teachers of JavaScript and his courses have an extremely high reputation. He is also a self-taught programmer and you can read his interview with tips on learning to code here. His teaching style is modern, lively and welcoming to people without a CS background.

You'll get used to setting up a backend of a web app and you may find you prefer working with databases than to making the user-facing front end of the website. Learning Node means you'll be able to offer more value to employers by knowing about the backend. Using Node also means you don't have to learn a new programming language to make your own full stack applications.

Who has taken this course?

Harry Dry founded the hugely popular Marketing Examples website and used the principles from Wes Bos courses to do so. Harry also made a dating website for Kanye West fans after learning to code from Wesbos courses.

What will I learn?

You'll learn how to make the following project:

A website showing the best restaurants around the world. You'll code it so that people can search, find by location, review and select their favourite places to eat.

You'll learn a range of concepts including

  • querying database
  • setting up user accounts
  • routing pages
  • file uploading
  • the MVC pattern

You should already know Javascript before attempting this course. If you've never done any JavaScript before, check out the Wes Bos Beginner JavaScript course.

How much does this course cost?

There are two options.

For $82 you get 22 HD video modules you can stream

For $97 you get 44 HD video modules you can download, plus $25 of Digital Ocean web hosting credit for new users

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Pete Codes

Hey, I'm Pete and the creator of this site. I am a self-taught web developer and I'm based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

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