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This is a course by Zero to Mastery to become a Full Stack Web Developer without having to go back to college. Over 500,000 people have taken Zero To Mastery courses. so it's a very popular option for people wanting to learn to code and change careers. The course does not presume any prior knowledge and is suitable for beginners as well as those who want to add to their skillset with modern concepts.

Why take this course?

You'll come out of this course able to confidently apply for jobs with the knowledge you've gained. Google, Tesla, Amazon, Apple, IBM, JP Morgan, Facebook and Shopify are some of the companies which graduates of this course have landed jobs at.

It's updated on a monthly basis which is great - lots of coding courses are made once and never updated leaving you with outdated skills not suitable for the workplace.

Alongside learning to code on the front and back end, there is also a portion of the course dedicated to machine learning.

Who has taken this course?

Over 500,000 have enrolled in the course. One of these people is Hannah, who changed career from retail to web development as she explains in this interview with No CS Degree . Hannah has a degree in Sociology which shows that with the right course, it doesn't matter what your original degree was.

Hannah said this about learning to code:

"Well, to start with I am much happier. I feel like I have a career I can really be interested in. I am much more excited about the future and the possibilities that being able to code allows. I don’t think I realised what being passionate about your job really meant before. I put a lot of effort into everything I do and want to be successful but this was totally different."

Anca changed career from hospitality to become a Software Developer with this course as well. She shared her experience of becoming a programmer in this interview

Anca's thoughts on the course:

"Everything I was finding so difficult to understand and memorise back then, feels like second nature now, 3 years later, and I am so grateful for having had such an amazing opportunity to be taught by a passionate and dedicated teacher at the beginning of my journey and for the most awesome and supportive community I have met on Discord."

What will I learn?

  • HTML5
  • CSS
  • Bootstrapp, CSS Grid and Flexbox
  • Modern JavaScript (ES6)
  • React
  • APIs
  • Postgres and SQL
  • Node and Express

You'll build a face recognition web app by the end of the course

How much does this course cost?

You can pay $39/month which gets you

  • downloadable videos
  • private Discord group
  • course completition certificates
  • access to all ZTM courses

Or you can save 40% and pay $279 annually, which works out as $23/month

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Pete Codes

Hey, I'm Pete and the creator of this site. I am a self-taught web developer and I'm based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

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