Hire junior developers for your company and diversify your team

Hiring through No CS Degree helps to diversify your team. Developers who are self-taught or have been through coding bootcamps are far more likely to come from diverse backgrounds than college graduates.

  • The majority of our audience is based in the US and the UK
  • Job listings get over 100 applications
  • Your advert is listed for 4 weeks
  • Your advert is also sent to 5,000 people email subscribers for 4 weeks
  • Get your job listed shared on our Twitter account to over 8,500 developers

I've interviewed hundreds of self-taught or bootcamp developers that have thrived in top tech companies or have founded 7 figure startups.

Success stories

Claudine recently got hired as a Junior Software Engineer at Steady

Claudine got her first job as a developer after seeing the job posting on No CS Degree. She attended the Le Wagon coding bootcamp.

Email from person who got hired

Bea got her first job in tech as a developer at Fueled

Bea was signed up to the No CS Degree jobs newsletter (formerly known as No CS OK). She got a developer job with Fueled in London. Bea taught herself to code using online resources.

Bea message

For more information, please contact pete@nocsdegree.com


"We got a really good volume of applicants from the post - over 100!

That's great compared to our past experience posting on 3rd party boards." Ordergroove

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Self-taught developer success stories

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