Women who code without CS degrees

57 posts Read inspiring interviews with women who code. These women have thriving careers without CS degrees. Read a diverse range of articles featuring women who have changed career to web development, mobile development, cyber security or data analysis.

From high school teacher to Software Developer at the BBC

Moving from banking to being a Software Developer and Founder

From urban planner to Software Developer

From Sales to Software Engineer - Jessie shares her tips

Hired from a coding bootcamp instead of going to college

From Formula One Engineer to self-taught Software Engineer

From a Psychology and Biology degree to Software Engineer

$14k/m profit from building a wish list business

From Theatre Studies to Six Figures Software Engineer

From Model to Self-Taught Software Engineer

15x local graduate salaries by learning to code

Trish became a web developer after 40

From Beauty Therapist to Software Engineer (covid career change)

From beer sales to writing code for a living

Tatiana doubled her income by learning to code

Anca went from hotel management to Software Developer

From bootcamp grad to Front-End Engineering Lead in 2 years

Alina 5x her income after learning to code

From Sociology degree to Software Developer

From Front End to DevOps with no CS degree

Kass doubled her salary by learning to code

Learning coding online and getting hired as a developer

Becoming a software developer in 6 months during Covid

From nurse to software developer after learning at Le Wagon

Self-taught developer success stories

Get into tech without a CS degree

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