Women who code without CS degrees

57 posts Read inspiring interviews with women who code. These women have thriving careers without CS degrees. Read a diverse range of articles featuring women who have changed career to web development, mobile development, cyber security or data analysis.

Getting a developer apprenticeship with a sociology degree

Temi's tips for learning to code and becoming a software developer

Maria went from marketing to being a Software Engineer

From musician to developer at Vodafone thanks to Makers bootcamp

Josy learned coding while travelling - now she is an Engineering Manager

From public health to Front-End Developer

Changing career from marketing to software engineering

How this college dropout learned to code without a CS degree

How Samantha became a Software Engineer at NPR after Codesmith

How Randall Kanna became a Software Engineer without a CS degree

This violinist became a developer thanks to Makers

From Oceanographer to developer working at Stripe

From stay-at-home mom to Front End developer

How Ellen became a Software Developer without a Computer Science degree

How Donna learned to code remotely with Flatiron School, quit her waitress job and become a developer

How Paulina changed career to data science after attending Flatiron School

This self-taught Software Engineer teaches coding from Costa Rica

From tutus to tech - Kara Luton is a Software Engineer with no CS degree

From dentist to developer - read Meghna's career change tips

Debora Piu talks learning to code at Makers and getting hired as a dev

Letitia talks about teaching herself coding and getting hired as a dev

This Holberton School graduate went from being a dancer to a developer

This self-taught iOS developer's business makes over $10k a month

Jessica Chan from Coder Coder talks learning web development

Self-taught developer success stories

Get into tech without a CS degree

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