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A self-taught web developer bought a house with cash


Patryk Pawlowski has earned enough from working as a programmer to buy a house with cash. Not bad for a self-taught developer!

Hey, so can you give us a short introduction for people who want to know more about you?

Hi! I’m Patryk. I’m a full-stack developer, designer and remote work evangelist. In the past I have got involved in other initiatives, like organizing TEDx events in Poland.

Can you tell us what an average day looks like for you just now? What are you working on and what is your lifestyle like?

I work remotely, so each day is different. One day I work in a coworking space, the other day from a coffee shop or home. When it’s windy I set up a field office near the beach and go kitesurfing when I need a break from work.

Nowadays, I take short/medium-term projects (2-6 months) building MVPs for startups from USA. My current project involves developing the API for CashFlo App which is launching soon!

What advice do you have for someone who wants to get their first programming job but they don’t have the time or money for a CS degree?

Start telling everyone that you’re learning/doing web development. There’s always someone who needs a website, seriously! I got few gigs thanks to meeting people at startup/tech events, being part of facebook groups, etc.

Another really important thing - don’t be scared of taking projects in which you don’t have experience. Being a programmer means constantly learning. And what can be better from someone paying you to learn a new thing?

How has your life changed since becoming a professional programmer?

Since I was a kid, I’ve always dreamed about having enough freedom to travel as much as I want. Working as a remote freelancer, I’m able to do it. I choose when, from where, and how I work.

We live in a golden age for programmers. You can make six figures, but live outside of USA. Thanks to that, I’m one of those lucky people who don’t need to stress out about money. Years ago I promised myself I’ll never take a loan. I’m a minimalist - I don’t care about cars, brands. I even don’t have a TV set. Though, I managed to buy an apartment with cash.

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