Here are some of the best free and premium web development courses that exist today. As well as online courses, there are also Youtube tutorials. I've interviewed over 70 successful developers without Computer Science degrees now so you can check out courses they have done on the way to getting hired as software engineers.

Free online courses


Free Code Camp

Several courses put together by a non-profit. The founder doesn't have a CS degree either 😀

Wes Bos - Javascript - 30 Projects without frameworks

Learn to make 30 projects made with vanilla Javascript - no framework or library installations required. The first lesson is a drum machine!

Wes Bos - CSS Grid

Odin Project - Web Development 101

Code Wars

Test your skills and compete with other developers

Youtube courses and videos

Net Ninja Youtube tutorials

A Great British Youtuber who has tonnes of content up for free on Youtube (as well as some Udemy courses as well). Coding is explained in a very fresh and friendly manner.

Dennis Ivy  - Django and Python tutorials

Dennis makes easy to understand videos around the Python framework Django.

Tony Alicea - Javascript - understanding the weird parts (preview)

Coder Coder - Web Development career plan


Eloquent Javascript

Premium courses

Here are some paid courses for learning to code that been used or created by No CS Degree interviewees. This page does contain affiliate links at no extra cost to you. (It just means I get a cut of each sale).

Wes Bos - Beginner Javascript - Starter course $82 / Master course $97

A brand new course created by one of the most popular video tutors of Javascript on the internet.

Wes Bos - React for Beginners - Starter course $82 / Master course $97

A beginner's guide to the hottest Javascript library around just now which is much in demand from employers.

Algo Expert - use the code "NO CS" to get 15% off.

Prepare for technical interviews with this course on algorithms and data structures.

  • created by interviewee, Clément Mihailescu, who got a job at Google as a Software Engineer after six months of learning to code. Read his interview

Andrei Neagoie - Zero to Mastery - variable price on Udemy

Wes Bos - Learn Node - Starter course $82/ Master course $97

Colt Steele - The Complete Web Developer bootcamp - variable price on Udemy

An extremely popular choice, this courses teaches you both front end and back end web development. Colt has also taught at bootcamps.

ES6 - Starter course $82 / Master course $97

Laracasts - variable prices

Screencasts for the popular PHP framework, Laravel

  • used by Richard Blechinger  - read his interview

Tyler McGinnis - variable prices

  • used by Richard Blechinger  - read his interview

Andrew Mead - the Complete Javascript Developer - variable price on Udemy

Angela Yu - The Complete 2020 Web Development Bootcamp - variable price on Udemy

  • used by Anne-Laure Le Cunff - read her interview