New York City Software Engineer salaries

New York City Software Engineer salaries
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Living in New York City is a dream for a lot of people. You have incredible nightlife, tons of entertainment options and you can sample cuisine from all around the world. But how much does software engineers earn in NYC? Let's find out!

Entry level software engineer salaries in New York City

Junior software engineers can expect to earn at least $70,000 to $80,000 in NYC. Top performing students from the best coding bootcamps can expect to earn more. You can check out entry level software developer jobs on our job board

Jobs that pay well in New York City

Some of the best paying jobs in New York City have traditionally been in the city's financial centre. Wall Street banks will pay a lot in return for demanding long hours from their employees. In the past it has been traders and brokers who have earned the most but there are signs that software developers are now catching up. JP Morgan has been increasing pay recently and it is rumoured it pays software developers around $120,000 in base salary.

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Average Software Engineer salaries in New York City

Indeed says that the average base salary for a Software Engineer in New York City is around $124,000. Obviously there is a lot of variation depending on what industry you decide to work. If you work for a non-profit you'll earn a lot less than working at a FAANG company. Still, this compares very well with the median salary in NYC which is approximately $58,000.

Senior Software Developer salaries in New York City

Senior Software Engineers in NYC can expect to earn a salary at least in the range of $160,000 to $180,000. Developers working for the likes of Facebook can expect to earn a lot more.

CTO salaries in New York City

Chief Technology Officers (CTOs) can expect to earn anything from $250,000 and $350,000 in NYC. A CTO at the top tech firms can obviously earn far more.

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