Successful entrepreneurs without college degrees

Successful entrepreneurs without college degrees

32 posts You can be a successful entrepreneur without a college degree and these people prove it! These interviews show entrepreneurs who learned to code not to get a job but to build their own businesses. Some learned to code at bootcamps while others went the self-taught route. One thing they have in common is they all run profitable software businesses.

This self-taught programmer sold his SaaS for 5 figures

Making $2.5k/m by designing logos for entrepreneurs

$55k/m as a self taught web developer - Arvid Kahl podcast interview

$18k/m as a self-taught developer

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From lawyer to Software Engineer

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From digital designer to software developer

From pilot to developer and 7 figure founder

The self-taught developer taking on Google Analytics

How this coffee entrepreneur learned to code

Pat Walls makes $50,000 per month from Starter Story

Pieter Levels Makes $2.9m a Year From Nomad List and Remote OK

How to get a remote developer job by learning online

This teen entrepreneur learned to code and made a bootstrapped business

Making $55k a month as a self-taught programmer

Get out of debt by learning to code

How Gumroad founder learned to code

This Liberal Arts Major changed career to web development

How this indie hacker with 10 million app users taught himself coding

How this self taught developer made $70,000 whilst travelling

Twitpic founder Noah Everett talks learning to code

SubmitHub founder talks building a 7-figure company with no CS degree

Tuple Chief Technology Officer Spencer Dixon talks learning to code

Self-taught developer success stories

Get into tech without a CS degree

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