Successful entrepreneurs without college degrees

Successful entrepreneurs without college degrees

32 posts You can be a successful entrepreneur without a college degree and these people prove it! These interviews show entrepreneurs who learned to code not to get a job but to build their own businesses. Some learned to code at bootcamps while others went the self-taught route. One thing they have in common is they all run profitable software businesses.

This Canadian developer shares learning code and job hunting tips

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The 16 year old maker of KanbanMail talks learning to code by doing

How the Simple Analytics founder learned to code

Marc Kohlbrugge talks teaching himself to code

How Anne-Laure Le Cunff learned coding in six months

How Harry Dry learned to code and made Yeezy Dating

This 22 year old self-taught PHP developer earns $15k a month and lives in an Austrian farmhouse

Self-taught developer success stories

Get into tech without a CS degree

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