Data Catapult - Junior Data Ethicist - London, UK

Are you ready to tackle some of the most interesting questions arising in the emerging field of Data Ethics? Digital Catapult is a leading UK authority on advanced digital technology and we are looking for a person who wants to support our leadership in sustainable and responsible AI. In this cross-cutting discipline you will critically assess the societal impact of technology and data to support us championing change.

You will work with a range of clients from start-ups, to large corporations, to government departments, highlighting how to implement best data ethics practice. You’ll be part of a dynamic cross-tech team with data scientists, technologists, engineers and responsible AI specialists.

As a team we also collaborate with many other Digital Catapult teams, including VR/AR, 5G, IoT, DLT, Product, Design and Innovation, to deliver cutting edge user-focused experiences. Closing date for Applications:8th May 2022. Anticipated Start date:ASAP

What We’re Looking For

  • Critical-thinking skills and openness to different perspectives
  • Passionate to follow and apply the latest data ethics standards and practices
  • Able to identify and challenge unsafe or unethical approaches in a co-operative way
  • Ability to recommend ways to improve data reliability, efficiency and quality with an eagerness to support others and advise
  • Demonstrated interest (and experience) for developing ethical data or AI processes and practices
  • Relevant past technical experience (inc. Python/SQL) in a data setting whether this be from self-taught, bootcamp, education etc. all are relevant to the role
  • The ability to draw together, analyse, and critically evaluate information.

What You’ll Do

  • Enable and empower others to implement data ethics best practice in their projects. This could include demonstrating how to apply ethical principles in practice through examples and case studies, and driving best practices in data ethics
  • Supporting ethical and trusted delivery of data solutions to enhance our delivery and mitigate unsafe and unethical approaches
  • Communicate effectively to explain and raise awareness of data ethics issues. Be an advocate for change in data practices
  • Work with your colleagues to design the development of policy, standards, frameworks, projects, workshops and tools on ethical data
  • Assessing ecosystem practices and proposing new solutions which take both ethical and sustainable considerations into account
  • Support colleagues running the responsible AI stream of work on the AI accelerator programme
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Pete Codes

Pete Codes

Hey, I'm Pete and the creator of this site. I am a self-taught web developer and I'm based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

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