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Against Malaria Foundation (AMF) was founded in 2004 and is a charity that fights malaria in a highly effective, accountable and transparent way.

We do this by purchasing and distributing multiple millions of long-lasting insecticide-treated nets
(LLINs) at a time in nationwide universal coverage campaigns. This is the most cost effective way of preventing malaria. AMF receives donations from the public and in the last financial year received
US$120m. AMF is particularly data-focused and monitors and reports on net use and drives and supports innovation to improve the effectiveness of malaria programmes.

AMF has been rated a top charity for all of the last 15 years by independent charity evaluators
GiveWell and The Life You Can Save who focus on cost-effectiveness and impact.

We are a team of eleven highly motivated individuals with different skills and experience. Each person has an important role to play. All team members work remotely with constant communication between them. While the team is small, the impact is big - our net distributions protect millions of people. Our largest programme is in the DRC, where we are funding 52 million nets to protect 95 million people for distribution during 2021 to 2023. We have ongoing multi-million net programmes in other countries including Uganda, Nigeria, Guinea, Togo and Chad.

Our activities and commitments have grown over time and AMF is now the world’s third largest funder of nets. In the coming years, we expect to buy and distribute between 25 and 50 million nets per year.


A bespoke technology system is at the heart of what AMF does. It allows us to run net distributions with high levels of accountability, e.g. knowing how many nets go to every one of the millions of households to which they are distributed, and manage the more than 180,000 donations AMF receives each year and let donors track where the nets funded by their individual donation/s are distributed.

Our activities and commitments are steadily increasing, and AMF continually develops its internal technology systems and functionality.

Software Engineer

AMF is recruiting a junior developer, initially specialising data science tasks, who will report to and work closely with AMF’s Head of Technology. There is plenty of variety in the type of projects we work on and opportunity to grow and learn as a developer, with the possibility of the role expanding to full stack developer.

Candidates should have a keen interest in leveraging technology to help improve accountability, transparency, and accuracy of data collection, in a fast-paced environment, dealing with complex issues and people with various levels of IT experience. They would be proficient in a number of different skill sets, each of which would normally, in a larger team, be covered by individual specialists.
They must have very good analytical skills and a degree or higher in a Computer Science or related
(STEM) subject.

Skills and experience

Data science

  • Good knowledge of Python/Pandas or very similar tools
  • Familiarity with standard data formats like JSON, CSV, Excel etc.
  • Data analysis and cleaning – spotting and fixing outliers or data issues
  • Good SQL skills, SQL server preferred


  • Strong analytical capabilities
  • Able to react quickly to any critical issues which may arise
  • Able to focus on detail whilst retaining the bigger picture
  • Project/time management skills, self‐motivated with the ability to work to deadlines
  • Strong communication skills at both a technical and non‐technical level

Additional skills

  • Knowledge and experience of source-control solutions (specifically Git)
  • Good understanding of basic statistics
  • Fluency in French would be desirable
  • .Net Core, C# would be beneficial, but would also be part of the evolution of the role
  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript/jQuery, Responsive design

Typical responsibilities include

Database and Data Management

  • Analysing and validating data from a variety of sources, in different formats
  • Importing data into our bespoke database and carrying out various analyses for reporting
  • Making changes to imports and database as requirements or data sources change
  • Writing SQL and knowledge of optimisation

Web Development

  • Updating pages and code
  • Managing and deploying code
  • Developing new functionality and features for existing websites

The balance of responsibilities, including over time, will depend on the level of experience.

Job details

Salary: £25,000 - £40,000 (depending on experience)

Company contributed pension scheme
25 holiday days per year + bank holidays
Location: Home-office and/or remote working in UK. All the AMF team work remotely.


Applicants should write to SoftwareEngineer@againstmalaria.com with their CV and a one-page cover letter explaining why they are interested in and suitable for the position.

There is no current deadline for applications. We will evaluate candidates on an ongoing basis.

Job Types: Full-time, Graduate

Salary: £25,000.00-£40,000.00 per year

Please mention No CS Degree when you apply and email pete@nocsdegree.com if you get an interview or get hired

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