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Flex Rental Solutions - Junior Full Stack Engineer - US remote

Full Job Description

Flex Rental Solutions is hiring a Junior Full Stack Engineer for our growing engineering team. We are seeking someone to help build integrations for our exciting next generation SaaS platform. You must reside in either Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Ohio, or Massachusetts to qualify for this 100% remote position.

Our developers work up and down the software stack. At first, your work will be mostly backend tasks and will eventually incorporate frontend work. You will be focusing on researching, developing, testing, and maintaining new integrations. When business needs for new integrations slow down, your responsibilities will shift over to our core SaaS platform.

We deploy our code regularly and ship often. We believe in short incremental development cycles so we expect our developers to commit code on a daily basis at a minimum. We expect our developers to work autonomously, and want candidates with an ability to identify, communicate, and solve problems. All of our developers interact with our Product & QA teams and fix issues based on their feedback.

Salary: 50-60K annually.

Develop in the JVM ecosystem. You will be expected to help build integrations and augment API’s in a project that uses Spring Boot. Familiarity with the JVM ecosystem and a JVM language (Java, Groovy, Scala, etc.) is required.

MySQL is our database of choice. The junior full stack engineer should have a basic understanding of an RDMS, which includes basic SQL knowledge, filtering, joins, and normalization.

Our frontend is the web. Our new team member will eventually be coding in JavaScript, so you really need to feel comfortable working in the browser environment. We are using ExtJS for our frontend UI framework so familiarity/experience with one or more JavaScript frameworks (e.g. React/Angular/Vue) is ideal.

Learning third party APIs. You will be required to research third party APIs by studying their documentation, write throwaway prototypes that interact with APIs, report your findings to our Product Owners, and then build the integration to these APIs. Knowledge of REST, a REST testing tool, Linux, and IDE (IntelliJ or VSCode) are needed.

Education you bring to Flex. A Bachelor of Science degree is welcomed. An Associate’s degree or certification from bootcamps will be considered. Prior work experience in the field is a plus, but it is not a requirement for this junior-level position. You must know how to code, and will build on that through assigned tasks and mentoring.

You are looking for a growth opportunity. Our development team has a diverse range of experience. This is a great learning opportunity as you will be surrounded by developers who are ready and able to help you learn and solve problems. We review all code via GitHub pull requests so you need to embrace peer input on your code and make changes as needed. You embrace failure as a learning opportunity. You love collaboration and transparency. When you are stuck, you should be comfortable asking your team lead or peers for help.

You are self-motivated. At Flex, we won’t tell you when to work. We just expect that you’ll love coding and will naturally get things done. A passion for coding and reading about tech is what we’re looking for.

You value agile & lean development. At Flex, we don’t subscribe to dogmatic views on agile processes. We simply value fast feedback, collaboration, quick iterations, automated tests, continuous integration, and shipping software often.
Communication is valuable to Flex. Our new team member will not only chat about requirements, issues, and sharing knowledge through Slack and email, but they will also create bug reports, write explanations and resolutions to issues, document findings in Wiki, and eventually deliver presentations to the team.

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