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Junior PHP Developer

This role is 100% remote - work from anywhere

Job Summary:

Want to work on different SaaS products? We are looking for a junior PHP developer to join our small, atypical team.

Our Company's Values

We are a bootstrapped software company. We build, manage, and bring to market multiple SaaS products. We start with $0 every time and try to reach profitability on day 1.

With all of our software solutions, we are generally trying to solve two problems:

  • information overload
  • information fragmentation

Information is widely available today. In fact, we have too much of it, causing a problem known as information overload. Moreover, we often can not locate information because we have it distributed across different channels and devices: this problem is called information fragmentation

We try to solve these problems in specific markets by creating relationships and systems between data so that it becomes more meaningful and clear for our customers

We currently run 10+ software products. Almost all of them are listed here: https://rubini.solutions

Company principles


This is declined in many ways in our day-to-day work: we have a bias towards action, we go to market as fast as we can, we try to ship features fairly fast, and we try to have a minimal turnaround time on support tickets. We keep our team small so that we can ship features faster than bigger corporations.


We don't focus on one thing. We try to create new autonomous, loosely interconnected projects by subtracting features from existing projects and applying them to other markets.

We were inspired by reading about the idea of a rhizome, a philosophical concept developed by French philosophers Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari.

Profit First

We ensure we have no or little overhead so that we can pay ourselves first and ensure the survival of the business. All of our projects are built with an initial capital of less than $100. We also actively avoid working with investors. By operating this way, we are able to reach profitability from day 1, every time we start a new project. We are also able to approach problems creatively, instead of just throwing money at them.

  • Transparency Our company is a glass box: you can see through it. We embrace transparency and openness.

What This Role Entails

  • Working on a product already used by hundreds, if not thousands of users.
  • Working alongside Mike (the founder) on customer-facing solutions.

Position Requests and Requirements

Skill Set

It would be nice if you can →

  • Basic PHP knowledge
  • Basic MySQL knowledge
  • CSS frameworks: Bulma, Tailwind


  • We work remotely
  • We always pay on time, upfront every month.
  • Every team member is a contractor which makes your work very flexible. Leave us anytime if you are not happy (but hopefully, not!). You can have multiple jobs.
  • Every team member has access to a pool of VAs they can use to free up time.
  • We distribute an annual bonus in the form of profit sharing
  • Unlimited vacation days


Show us a side project you have been working on.

Email Clarice at clarice.arjona@rubini.solutions with the subject line: Junior PHP Dev