Odd Shoes - Junior Developer

Role – Junior Software Developer
Salary / Headline Benefits – Up to £40,000, 38 days holiday (Inc bank hols), £1,250 total annual allowance for equipment, personal development and gym membership, private healthcare.
Remote Work – UK-based candidates only – Fully Remote
Visa Sponsorship – Not available

We all make misteaks when riting.

People like us can be forgiven for a typo in an email or on social media, but when your sole job is to write books or technical documents for an audience, people aren’t quite so forgiving.

Would you like to use your software development skills to develop software that famous editors and companies like NASA, Microsoft and Amazon across 72 countries use to correct mistakes?

It’s software that makes a real difference, from medical writers working on lifesaving vaccines to helping writers to tell their stories to the world.

You’ll join a web team of four in a wider tech team of ten people working on three or four interesting web-focused projects per year.

Your role will be full-stack with a leaning towards front-end and UI development; you’ll also learn .NET, Microsoft Azure and functional programming, which is gaining popularity because C# is evolving to become more functional.

They can give you a positive, nurturing work culture with the perfect balance between autonomy and inclusivity because they’ve worked remotely since 2009, way before COVID made it fashionable.

You’ll be surrounded by experienced software developers that pride themselves on being continuous learners without ego. Software developers who understand both junior developers' struggles and the fresh ideas and perspectives you’ll bring to the table.

You’ll also have a dedicated person looking after your learning and development path with access to whatever training you need, in-house or external, because learning is the bedrock of their culture.

The company is the leading proofreading and editing software globally, and they managed that with less than 25 people, but with their plans for steady growth, imagine what part you can play in their future.


You’re not expected to have lots of experience, but this won’t be your first job as a software developer, either.

You’ll bring a hunger to learn and soak up as much knowledge as possible.

It’s a full-stack role, so you’ll need some .NET experience, but you lean more towards the front-end / UI.

You’ll have used one or more of the more modern front-end frameworks like Svelte, Vue.js, React, Nuxt.js, Angular or Blazor


Either apply here or search for Simon Monaghan on LinkedIn; contact details are at the top of my profile page.

Don't worry if your CV is not up to date. We’ll deal with that later if needed.

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Pete Codes

Hey, I'm Pete and the creator of this site. I am a self-taught web developer and I'm based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

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