Part-time Developer

As a Klyxx Developer, you'll have the opportunity to work directly with various start-up and Fortune 500 clients to help build mobile apps and websites, and create platforms used across various touchpoints.


What is Klyxx?

Klyxx Creative is a digital design agency that specializes in branding, website design, marketing design, and UI/UX design, amongst other services.

Who We Are

We’re a small team of 5 that works on full-suite design projects with clients like Logitech, Amazon, Morgan Stanley, and Coachella. We did the whole 20+ person team thing and decided we’d rather focus on being a boutique agency that’s more focused on interesting work and less on corporate bureaucracy.

What You’ll Do

We are currently looking for a front-end developer with Shopify and WordPress (and/or Webflow - ideally both) experience to help on an ongoing basis with the development and maintenance of requested projects.

These projects will often require the developer to be responsible for porting finished design wireframes in the final stage of website design projects. Projects typically involve implementation for websites post UI redesign and may require some QA.

Ideally, the developer will have had previous experience working on the aforementioned platforms and have had some previous exposure to eCommerce.


  • Become familiar with our existing systems for site features, backend logistics systems, product catalog management, etc.
  • Develop and implement new Features/ Pages for sites that are end-user customizable
  • Managing/developing custom implementations of various Shopify apps
  • Understand, design, develop, and execute both existing and necessary scripts as needed to support company operations (ex: Unique exports, cleaning data, fixing data in shopify, etc.)

Preferred Qualifications:

  • General web development experience (HTML, CSS, JS)
  • Previous experience working on WordPress, Shopify, or Webflow
  • Demonstrated front end work experience; ability to translate design to production
  • A desire to work in a fast-paced environment
  • Self-Starter - able to get stuff done, in or out of the office

Extra Qualifications:

  • Shopify theme development experience (Theme Kit / Slate / Slater / etc); comfort developing within Shopify utilizing Liquid, HTML, SCSS and jQuery
  • Node JS, React JS experience
  • Experience working within various CMS platforms

Klyxx Perks:

$35 - $55, hourly pay (part-time/contractor at onset)

Flexible hours - After you have project hand-off, you’re welcome to work at any time and we try to minimize meetings outside of a regular weekly touchpoint.

A regular stream of projects - We have a lot of work coming in that’s constantly in need of front-end development work to complement our UX/UI or Website designs. So, if we work well together, you’d always be the first to be offered any future project opportunities.

Upward mobility - We’re a close knit team and prefer to promote from within; as we expand our services and the need arises for full-time development, you would have the opportunity to convert to full-time Developers that help not only on projects but in executing changes to client sites / creating new solutions to help our entire team.


$35 - $55 per hour

About the author
Pete Codes

Pete Codes

Hey, I'm Pete and the creator of this site. I am a self-taught web developer and I'm based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

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