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A Bit About RoboBrain -

Coding and programming have been gaining more and more importance in education these days, more so post pandemic. RoboBrain is a computer programming school that educates children from the ages of 6 - 13+. RoboBrain offers almost 500 hours of Computational Thinking and Computing courses content, and students collectively have completed more then 100,000 hours of learning.

The main philosophy behind RoboBrain and the curriculum we have developed is to guide children on how to approach a complex problem, understanding what the problem is and developing possible solutions. Children will then be able to apply this process to their future endeavours.

Do you share RoboBrain's philosophy on education and our passion to educate and inspire young children ? Are you looking for a unique opportunity to work part-time and be paid to teach young children problem solving skills and computational thinking?

RoboBrain is looking to grow our team of teachers and educators who share our passion and commitment to empower and engage children. If you have a background in education or in programming (especially Python), we'd love to hear form you!

We are looking for vibrant and engaging teachers who are confident in leading a class delivered online to small groups of approximately 4 -6 students. Hours are flexible but could fall on weekends and holidays.

You Will Be:

  • Delivering collaborative and engaging lessons based on the curriculum and materials provided.
  • Taking advantage of RoboBrain's 30 hour Teacher Training Course, on computing, computational thinking methods, class management and much more.
  • Focusing on delivering fun and inspiring lessons instead of being bogged down with additional teacher administration work.
  • Being a positive, influential, and outgoing ambassador for RoboBrain

You Will Get From Us:

  • A supportive, and friendly team
  • Course content and materials for all the lessons
  • A commitment to your personal and professional development with regular training opportunities
  • up to £50/ hour through performance bonuses and retention bonuses

Teaching or programming experience is desirable, but not necessary. You are great match if:

  • You are good at working and communicating with children
  • You are reliable and punctual with good time-keeping and time management skills
  • You are enthusiastic and confident in delivering online lessons
  • You have a thoughtful and can-do attitude to identifying things young learners find stimulating and understand the things they find frustrating.
  • You have studied a related subject at university level (e.g. engineering, maths, physics, biochemistry)
  • You have experience teaching/ working with children
  • You have a TEFL or TESOL
  • You have experience coding in Python through relevant training, work experience, or are self-taught
  • You are passionate about educating and gives students an appreciation for the strengths and limitations of machine intelligence through problem solving and computational thinking.
  • You are available to work during part of at least 1 of the following timeslots: Monday - Friday 4pm - 7pm; Weekend 8am- 12pm; Weekend 12pm - 5pm.

Please note:

This is a remote work position so you will need your own laptop/ computer with audio/video equipment suitable for basic virtual conformances, as well as a stable internet connection.

Job Types: Part-time, Permanent, Freelance

Salary: £15.00-£50.00 per hour

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Pete Codes

Hey, I'm Pete and the creator of this site. I am a self-taught web developer and I'm based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

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